Superman announces launch of Bloodstorm Python Twitter.

Image: A huge rain storm is shown, however the rain is blood red. Amongst the rain is a twitter bird with a python on its back. Meatbag announces new twitter for Continental Studios, the home of the upcoming awaited Bloodstorm Python rewrite. Go follow for news, teasers, and a chance to beta test! @continentalstu1

Sweet 19?

Image: An image of Matilda525 holding a chain gun. When players hand him small pieces of paper, he fires chocolate boxes at them at a tremendous speed. 19 really is the number 16 upsided down. Matilda525 has vowed to make penta’s birthday a sweet one, promising 19 free chocolate boxes for anyone who logs in … Read more

Pentaholic’s Birthday.

Image: A picture of a massive birthday cake is shown. The admin team, excluding Pentaholic hide behind whispering secretively. Happy birthday to Pentaholic. We wish them many more and a happy and prosperous birthday. Admins are expected to run an event, but nobody knows what they have in store

Filips quits mansions.

Image: A sad looking player carrying the same cannon as before. They run up and down firing the cannon at all sorts of mansion. Filips deletes all his mansion maps. He made the decision stating mansions aren’t his thing. We wish him best of luck here at the Golden Reporter.

Music Contest ends up being major loser.

Image: Two frames are shown. One shows a huge concert with thousands of people watching Matilda525 jamming out with an heavy metal band. The other frame shows a room with a piano and a drum set with only two people present. The first frame is labelled "DREAMS" while the other is labelled "REALITY". A third … Read more

Filips deletes map in shame.

Image: A cartoon of a person holding a big cannon which they point towards the pixelated castle. They pull the trigger, blowing it up spectacularly. The person look commically sad. Filips’ deletes 2d mansion map in shame as players and reporters alike express their dislike for the map. The Pakistani Builder completed it yesterday, making … Read more

Golden Reporter to go digital, Managing Director Says.

Image: The printer shown in the first article slows to a hault as GC players flood to see a site on their computers. Golden Reporter to have website, according to Managing director Matilda525. The ambicious young man hopes to make the Golden Reporter reach far beyond a simple map. "The reporter won’t be just for … Read more

GC player slump materialises.

Image: A cartoon of Thannos is shown, he snaps his finger and half of the GC player base turns to dust. On Saturday we reported on a hypothetical GC player-drop. We regret to inform you, this seems to be reality, with Golden Crayon struggling to go above 15 players.

Music contest to be held today. Sweet prizes up for offer.

Image: An image of a massive concert is shown. Above the stages is a huge glass pot of coins. Music contest to be held today at 2PM UTC. 10AM ECT/Eastern, 9AM Central. 70 thousand up for grabs, chocolate for all.

Developer puts foot down on bugs and cheaters alike.

Image: A fly is buzzing round the GC main map while a cheater runs after it, howling. Tunmi13 (A giant Godly Being surrounded in sunlight) stomps forward crushing them both, shouting, "NO!" Relief comes as tunmi13 came in and attempted patching the bug. He has put his foot down in a stearn anti-cheating policy.