Blindgamer banned.

Image: An image of blindgamer standing angrily attempting to draw his admin flag, however its suggested he gets angrier and angrier when he realises it doesn’t work. Tunmi then taps him on the shoulder with a frying pan, banning him. We’re late to report this story, however the main editor of this news paper was … Read more

Second map slump.

Image: An image showing a black void sucking in a bunch of old timey paper maps is shown Over the passed week a worrying trend was being noticed. That is, the slow decline of maps on the game. The game has seen a spike of maps getting all the way up to 1772 on Monday, … Read more

New staff, we can’t be bothered to draw an image today

The first draft of the admin team has been proclaimed and promoted today! The new administrators are, blindLightning, who was a former admin on ROTU, Oscar, VIP Potato, and Lilou. A new French speaking builder. Neeraj was also promoted, and a shock to some, Emanuel. For moderators, we have mary_queen, and returning to the team … Read more

Fixes at last!

Image: An image of Tunmi13 wearing a hard hat and holding a spanner is shown. He has a computer screen up which shows the code for golden crayon. Image of bugs on the screen are shown. Tunmi smacks them with his hammer, destroying the pests. Today tunmi pushes a few bugfixes meant to correct crippling … Read more

GC crashes 8 times in 10!

Image: A frame shows eight wheels with the words CRAYON painted on them in gold crashing into staff members several times. This morning at about 10:10AM UTC, gc started crashing repeatedly for about 10 minutes. These eight crashes would have been thought to be runtime errors on the server’s end, however it appears not to … Read more

Ben revealed.

Image: The previous image is shown, this time the circle with ben is depicted as being repeatedly wacked with a frying pan The scandal concerning madgamer kalahami and ben came to a close last night. Tunmi took testimonies from both kalahami, and ben. Tunmi decided and concluded that ben indeed logged into madgamer’s account and … Read more

Golden Reporter attempts adding flaire to articles.

Image: You see an image of a camera taking a snapshot, with a flaire going into the sky. We at the Golden Reporter always strived to be as impartial and unbiased as possible. Although there are indeed times where we falter in this mission, we’ve for the most part maintained a neutral fair perspective on … Read more

From loving Melody to calling her a fucker 5 minutes later. From wanting to be administrator, to begging for a ban. The twisting and turning scandal involving Madgamer, Kalahami and Ben.

Image: You see a series of twisting lines. 3 circles containing an image of madgamer in the top center, ben looking at madgamer confused, and the bottom right with kalahami, however his image is shadowed. The illustrator coloured kalahami and madgamer red. A scandal is currently unfolding, involving the players madgamer, kalahami and ben. Several … Read more

Tunmi looking for admins

In a previous report, we reported that coach restated his stance that he would be stepping down by the 28TH. Tunmi has decided to act on it, by putting up an application for players interested in joining the staff team to let themselves be known. Tunmi said that he has so far gotten 12 responses … Read more

Website push back

Due to unexpected set backs on setting up the webserver, The Golden Reporter website will have to be pushed back until the server can be updated to a more officient method of article creation. The time period this could take is unknown and the doubt on Altnum1’s harsh words are perhaps beginning to lift!