Shattered Communist Fantasy shows itself 2 months later

Approximately 2 months ago on 27TH June in the first edition of this news paper, we reported on Tony exploiting a bug that allowed him to gain massive amounts of coins. yesterday afternoon, altnum1 after several minutes of testing was able to discover and recreate the bug, reporting to tunmi13. An investigation was launched into … Read more

Map genocide

The map spam killing system has been updated. Now any map that has less than 1KB (1024 characters) of data is going to be killed. An emergency spam kill was launched shortly after it was added, with alot of players losing their maps due to it being done on such short notice. However the maps … Read more

Golden Reporter Reboot

The Golden Reporter is back! Previously, altnum1 stated that the map would be shut down, however withassistance from meatbag, the map has been rebooted. We hope to continue bringing unbiased and fair reporting. Thank you for reading!

Golden Reporter issue comes to an end

Note: This article only applies to the Golden Reporter map on GC. The site will not be affected. The Golden Reporter will no longer be updated. Articles from now on will be on the new Golden Reporter 2 map.

Breaking news! Coach steps down!

Breaking news! Coach today steps down from his position as moderator. The Taiwanese builder most well-known for mainstreaming the interactables has listed his reasons for stepping down in a now pinned map. He sighted high school, his personal teaching career, etc. We wish him well. The event occurred at approximately 10:30AM Eastern Caribbean Time

House warming contest called off.

Image: The image shows construction on a suburban neighbourhood abruptly grinding to a stop, then the construction equipment and workers vanish. This morning the staff officially called the house warming contest off. Sighting lackluster support as the main motivator for the sudden cancellation. Only 1 2d house and 2 3d ones were submitted. The admins … Read more

Meatbag banned, again.

Image: The previous image is shown, however meatbag is holding a sign labelled, soon! Meatbag tonight banned for saying inflamatory things to the users jack and kalahami. It is also suspected that meatbag was logged in as united_B to evade his ban. The evidence is not yet fully assembled, or at least not released to … Read more

House warming contest ends today.

The house warming contest ends today. The staff has said that they will take no entries passed 12AM CST, 1AM EST, or 5AMUTC. The staff have hinted if turnout was unsatisfactory, the contest will be called off. Hopefully we get some fun and interesting maps to explore.

Mapkill done. Nearly 20% of maps nuked.

Image: The image shows what appears to be a giant black hole, however shaped like the number 20 sucking in a large amount of maps and other objects. This morning tunmi went ahead and did a spamkill, nuking all maps below 10 lines, and public maps less than 20. Almost 300 maps were nuked.

Meatbag returns!

Image: An image of meatbag holding a sign in the left hand saying, I have returned! And another in the right hand saying, my dick! is very big! Is shown. he seems to turn red as someone points to the dick is very big sign, then quickly throws it away. Meatbag, aka tux has returned … Read more