GC gone for good now

Golden Crayon has been discontinued by tunmi13 Edited for clarity, 2/4/2023: Golden Crayon was taken down on Monday September 13 2021, proceeding the lifting of all bans and punishments early that morning, around 7:30 AM US Central. The game was taken down in the evening around 8:00 PM, and a client called Ring was made … Read more

problem fixed, 25 more unvailed

Tunmi attempts fixing some bugs related to the change in terms of criteria of maps being marked as spam. Now, if your map meets either of the requirements, (1024KB of data, or 20 lines in size), the map will not be spamkilled. Unfortunately though, this resulted in a series of server crashes and subsequent fixes. … Read more

The English community has fallen to the wasteside in favour of French players

This morning the number of French players surpassed English players. This has been a trend that has been observed over the past week. Players have been prompting tunmi13 to shift away from the English-centric nature of the game and improve and strengthen playability for French, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish players, since they make up a … Read more

Golden Crash

Yesterday a little after 5PM ECT Golden Crayon experienced a series of unexplained server crashes. It was later revealed when a player cadarm attempted coming online, for some reason the server crashed. They were able to come online though, and the crashes seased.

The French Channel sees new moderator

The French channel received a gift yesterday in the form of a new moderator. popimouiki was promoted to the rank of moderator. Some French players however are not happy about the promotion, however we wish them the best of luck at The Golden Reporter

Crayon Panick” prevented from turning into something bigger

Today on Golden Crayon, a panick emerged as the player Alexa was unbanned by pentaholic by ordanance of tunmi13, seemingly out of nowhere. A small protest began with players threatening to plunge the game into another revolution and period of chaos. The situation was also compounded when the evidence that influenced tunmi’s motivation for the … Read more