Golden Crayon to be shut down again, Warfront rerelease, and information about a new project

A lot has happened since we last published an article here at the Golden Reporter.

First, Tunmi is unvailing a new version of Golden Crayon, this time written in python. It is said to be cross-platform and much more stable than the current version of the game, which is written with the Blastbay Game Toolkit (BGT). He has asked several members of the GC BGT admin team to test the game as it is in its early stages.

Second, the current version of Golden Crayon, which will be referred to from this point forward as GC BGT, will be shut down after the contest of uniqueness is completed on the evening of Sunday April 16, US Central. You may type /dlmaps to download a local copy of all maps you’ve created that are still on the server.

Lastly, another game of Tunmi’s, which is known either as Crimson Splash or Warfront, has been temporarily put back up. It is not known when this game will be shut down. Tunmi has only stated that the server will be available temporarily. We have requested more information on the matter, however we have not received a reply as of publishing time. You can download Warfront from the Golden Crayon website

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