Wait out your bans, damn it! Officials suggest.

Image: An image of players sneaking through the GC gates with frying pans imprinted on their jackets. The admin team find them and chuck more frying pans at them, sending them sprawling back down the slopes of their wifi connection screaming, "Oy, that was hard work climbing that!" as they go. Another frame shows the … Read more

Influx of players, officials unsure if its blessing or curse…

Image: A cartoon recreation of the GC main map is shown. A constant stream of New born babies are plummiting from the sky with their crayla assistance holding them tightly. The admin team look uncertain as they catch everyone falling from the blue, sunny sky. GC playerbase spikes in recent days. Sources still unsure if … Read more

Filips to create new 2d mansion.

Image: An image of a pixelated mansion is shown with massive statues of batman standing menasingly either side of it, a giant statue of the Bum Bum Man stands next to a giant Statue of Filips on the roof of massive building. Filips to recreate his mansion in 2d, sources say. Filips had announced in … Read more

Demotion Comotion.

Image: An image of Tunmi13 stands imposingly over 2 people carrying flags with big red letters spelling ADMIN on each. Tunmi grabs them both. While one stands to attention, the other appears to be snoring loudly cluching a crayon to his chest like a teddy bear. 2 days ago on this date, keri was demoted … Read more

Cloner couple banned for 2 days.

Image: Two cartoon stiled people stand in an animated version of the Golden Crayon Main map. They hold forks behind their backs and are secretively handing them to each other. An imposing image of the admin team stand over them looking stern and each admin is armed with a frying pan and are ready to … Read more

Founder Fever!

Image: A cartoon stiled animation of a printer is spewing out news papers at a tremendous rate. They all are minny coppies of the Golden Reporter and looking closely you see that all the articles are written in tiny print The Golden reporter founded by matilda525. Promises regular and frequent updates on GC news!