Travelpoint pushed back.

Image: An animation of a door being pushed slowly by a tired looking admin is shown. Other admins, looking annoyed, point towards the door as people walk about opening chocolate boxes loudly. The open your boxes map travel point was pushed to 20, 0, 0, after many players were frustrated by accidentally hitting it. Hopefully … Read more

Stasp finally catches up…

Image: A cartoon of the person, who previously twiddled his thumbs, is shown. Their sowing machine is slowly chugging out admin flags. Stasp finally finishes his C++ Admin maker. We still await meatbag’s, and matilda still promises big on his version.

Crayla the artificial unintelligent assistant.

Image: Two frames are shown. The one on the left shows a picture of a new born baby talking to a person labelled Nice Man with a white van. The Crayla bot runs after thew New Born baby shouting, "Stranger! Danger!". The second fame shows an image of Crayla saying "Stranger Danger" to a new … Read more

Crayla a part of the problem?

Image: A cartoon shows players sitting and taking coins from crayla’s pockets as she passes them. Other people look shocked at this disgusting behaviour. Crayla apart of the problem, some Golden Crayon back-seat economists suggest. With many pointing to players sitting and collecting free coins. It has led the developer and players alike to consider … Read more

Potato returns to the game.

Image: An animation of a massive potato is shown. The potato is plummiting from the sky with a frying pan covering his face. He lands and tunmi13 rips it away from the potato’s face,, revealing MatthewSmithYT Yesterday MatthewSmithYT was unbanned from the game, to the confusion of some players. He was previously banned for spamming … Read more

Super programmer tosses hat in gc admin maker contest.

Image: The same frame as before is showing, however a fourth person is shown holding a tablet which controls a sowing machine spewing out flags at an impossible speed and also takes notes as it does. The other two holding sowing machines look tired from trying to catch up. The other still appears to be … Read more

GC admin maker contest held yesterday.

Image: The frame shows 3 people. Two of them hold sowing machines which are automatically creating Admin Flags. However, the other person appears to be twiddling their thumbs. matilda525, blindLightning and stasp yesterday held a contest to create fake GC Admin makers. So far Matilda and lightning have produced their versions, with stasp yet to … Read more

New rules, new ways to be banned…

Image: A cartoon of Matilda525 hands Tunmi13 a long scroll of parchment. As he does, he hoists his frying pan up on his back and licks his lips greedily. The rules have been updated with the help of matilda525 on June 23RD. Go read them if you have not done so!

New map sorting added by developer.

Image: This image is very simple, it is meerly a picture of the alphabet with silly pictures next to each letter. For example, C has a crayon and F has a frying pan. A day ago tunmi13 implimented map catigories. Allowing you to add catigories to your map, so people can quickly sort through them. … Read more

Map data.

Image: A cartoon recreation of the golden crayon control room. One of the admin reports back some data to Tunmi13 and everyone looks shocked. A series of numbers on a display are rising rapidly Maps going up rapidly, according to latest map back up data. As of the time of writing, there are currently 1582 … Read more