Main Map vandalized, culprit yet to be found.

Yesterday, players and admins alike were bewildered to find that the main map had been tampered with. The entire front side of the main building, not including the door, as well as the roof and eastern wall were removed. Staff members were unable to fix the problem until this afternoon. The developer as well as … Read more

Main map contest voting begins.

Voting on the winner of Tunmi’s main map contest has begun and is set to last until next Monday, February 13. The vote consists of 14 options. Out of the fourteen, thirteen are player submitted maps and the last is the option to keep the current main map, built back in 2021. After the discovery … Read more

GC in search for new goldvaluator

Hey, your local administrator MatthewSmithYT here! We’re in the process of searching for a goldvaluator, who will evaluate maps for challenges and pinned map status. If you’re interested, contact me through Discord, @MatthewSmithYT#4496, or through GC private message. Have a great day!

Even More Staff Changes!

Keri has just been demoted to a normal player from her previous rank of goldvaluator. This was done at her request. Matthew has just asked about interviews; and this means there may be a replacement in the future. We will keep you updated on any developments.

Golden Crayon gets New Rules

After endless exploitation of holes in the original set of rules, a new set have been written by local administrator MatthewSmithYT. His hopes are that the new changes will allow administrators more freedom to act based on circumstances and reasoning rather than wordy and unclear statements. He says that he believes that they will, if … Read more

Staff Team Leaner, meaner, Perhaps Not Greener: Staff Team Shuffled Today

As reported yesterday, Tunmi went ahead with a reshuffle of the staff team. All of the Malay moderators were demoted, and reassigned as Goldvaluators. Patrick and Jonathan were also demoted, while Keri was promoted to Goldvaluator. Tunmi says he believed the shuffle was necessary he believed Jonathan and Patrick weren’t pulling their weight. In addition, … Read more

The Spirit of Competition: Tunmi’s Hosting New Main Map Building Contest

Tunmi has unvailed a new contest for a new main map. The contest started on the 22ND of January, and is set to run until the 5TH of February. Voting will begin a day later and run until the 13TH. Valentine’s day Eve. More information about the contest can be found in the MOTD. We … Read more

GC Staff Set To Go on Major Diet, Tunmi Says

Tonight Tunmi announces the moderation of GC is set to be seriously reduced. He believes that there should be more Goldvaluators, and less Moderators and admins. It’s believed that he might withold Matthew, Blindgamer and possibly Patrick in addition to the French staff while the other staff members are believed to be on the breadline, … Read more

Tunmi Promises Big Changes in Juicy Burrito Update

Tunmi announced big changes in the upcoming GC 2.5 update, codenamed Juicy Burrito. The update is set to include a laundry list of bug fixes and new changes. Among the most notable are feature additions to interactables, fixes for the game crashes when no language files were available, and issues in the MIDI keyboard used … Read more

Founder Fever! No, it’s not covid…

After a year and a half, the Golden Reporter is back in business! Promises regular and relatively unbiased GC NEWS. Stay tuned for the latest in GC’s Drama, contravercies, contests, updates and many, many more!